Anxiety: Updated

Hey guys! Last year I posted about anxiety and how it affects me. I recently read the blog post and realised just how much my anxiety has changed in a year so, I decided to post an update on my anxiety. Another reason I decided to update my anxiety is because, my Sister and Dad... Continue Reading →


August Playlist!

Hey guys! Summer holidays are at their peak in August so, with all that free time, beach time and rainy days, I have decided it would be a good idea to write an August Playlist to keep you all going! I have a wide taste in music so, be prepared for some very, different songs.... Continue Reading →

Top Picks This Month!

Hey guys! You know where you just have one of those months which has been pretty relaxing but, you haven't found any time to do anything? This month was one of those. My blog posts have been so sporadic it is good to have something solid, which is my Monthly Favourites post. I know I... Continue Reading →

A Day Out To Town

Hey guys! I had a very interesting day yesterday. Basically, my parents had a weird moment and decided to take my sister and I out to lunch and desert and a shopping browse/trip thing (even though we didn't buy anything). My parents went out with my sister before hand to do some shopping then, they... Continue Reading →

Summer Bucket List

Hey guys! Summer in England can be trying... You can't plan because, the weather forecasts aren't as accurate as the ones in Dubai or Croatia. Beach days are usually accompanied by raincoats and plans B, C and D in case the weather doesn't hold up. With all this, the British Summer time can be more... Continue Reading →

Where I Want To Be In Ten Years?

Hey guys, this week my future plans have been haunting my thoughts again so, I thought it would be fun to write a post about my future plans, specifically where I want to be in ten years. Now, this is a big question, especially since I am only sixteen but, thinking about it, now is... Continue Reading →

Top Picks This Month.

Hey guys. I really struggled to find an idea for a blog post today as, I used a lot of the good ones for last weeks posts and I have a whole load lined up next week that work where they are so, I looked around and one post idea which popped up the most... Continue Reading →

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