Things I Love About Autumn!

Hey guys! My two most favourite seasons are Autumn and Winter; the days get shorter, the temperatures get colder and everything just gets more cosy. Autumn is definitely the season on colour and comfort. The fist thing I love about Autumn is the clothes; the time of shorts and t-shirts are over, out come the... Continue Reading →


August Favourites!

Hey guys, sorry this one is a little late. This month I have had the majority of my summer holidays to devour a lot of stuff. Chocolate upon chocolate upon face wash and cream upon face wash and cream. To start off, I have recently been using Aloe Vera gel as my every day face... Continue Reading →

August Playlist!

Hey guys! Summer holidays are at their peak in August so, with all that free time, beach time and rainy days, I have decided it would be a good idea to write an August Playlist to keep you all going! I have a wide taste in music so, be prepared for some very, different songs.... Continue Reading →

Summer Bucket List

Hey guys! Summer in England can be trying... You can't plan because, the weather forecasts aren't as accurate as the ones in Dubai or Croatia. Beach days are usually accompanied by raincoats and plans B, C and D in case the weather doesn't hold up. With all this, the British Summer time can be more... Continue Reading →

Travel Wishlist!

Hey guys! With the Summer holiday season fast approaching, I decided to list all the places I would most like to go. With so many amazing places around the world and even more amazing stories I have heard from friends and their holidays, it was of course really difficult to keep my wishlist concise (however... Continue Reading →

Autumn Bucket List

Hey Peeps. Now, I know this has little to do with Halloween but, it is just something that came to mind when I was thinking about today's post. Anxiety effects all of us in many different ways and sometimes it can be hard to understand what someone means when they say they have anxiety another thing... Continue Reading →

Favourite Halloween Music

Hiya Peeps! As well as my Anxiety post, I have decided to post my top 5 Halloween songs. With Halloween approaching, many of you will be having or going to parties and these tunes will be perfect for such an occasion. I do not celebrate Halloween quite so diligently as I do Christmas but, some of... Continue Reading →

Halloween Biscuits

Hey Peeps! Halloween is fast approaching and if you want a little bite to eat this October, you should try these biscuits. I found them on Zoe Sugg's post and decided to try them; the biscuits are fun, easy to make and create a baking mess in your kitchen. Only taking ten minutes to bake, you can decorate these... Continue Reading →

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