Bedroom Design!

Hey guys! As most of you know this year, I moved house! My new house is so much bigger than my old one and my bedroom is far nicer… I have a bay window! Unfortunately when we moved in, my bedroom was basically plaster and chucked down carpet; although this wasn’t pleasant and really didn’t help my anxiety, OCD and just my frustration at not having somewhere to call mine, it did mean I had a blank canvas to work with! I had done loads of planning before moving in, I already had a vivid idea of what I wanted my room to look like so, I was extremely excited to get started. For me, home design and my bedroom are two really important things for me, I don’t really know why, I suppose I just can’t feel comfortable in something if it isn’t mine or, if I just don’t like the look and feel of something.

Planning my bedroom was more trying for me than actually making the plan a reality, I know that is completely against what the rest of the world feels but, it was true. I had to plan on a budget, make sacrifices (as there was so much I wanted in my room, there wasn’t enough space for it all) and plan with the sizes (which I got off of Rightmove). In the planning period of my room, Pinterest came in great help, the board I made is still up as, I just love the pins on there:

To begin with, I was looking for lighting because, lighting is so important when creating a specific atmosphere in any room; I much preferred warm lighting as, it added to my cosy theme and allowed me to have a little bit of that warm feeling you have through the Christmas season, all year round. For this, I was specifically looking for fairy lights as they are small, simple and you can just do so much with them; fairy lights aren’t as bright as normal floor lamps or ceiling lights so, they are perfect when looking for that cosy idea. The first image I ever pinned was the following image and I just loved it, it was cosy and sweet but, also super minimalistic and they aren’t too over bearing or in your face.

jar wirth fairy lights


I loved this idea so much, I actually recreated it, thrice over… it worked out nicely though because, having more than one, made it more of a feature but, the fact that it is glass and they aren’t too big meant it still wasn’t a prominent feature.


I would like to eventually change the fairy lights from white light to warm lighting as, that matches the theme I in the rest of my room better but, they are still really nice. In the evenings they are great to have. I got the jars and fairy lights from Ikea, they were very affordable and took up an unnoticeable size of my budget; I was very pleased.


This, I had taken over from my old house and it suited my new room perfectly, it can be a focus for anything, I have motivational and silly quotations on mine but, many people use this for photographs, it is a great way to effectively and practically display whatever little things you want to.


Another thing I fell in love with whilst browsing Pinterest, were filament bulbs. I just love that retro, vintage vibe they give off and since I live in a period house and the filaments are just warm and really pretty, I felt they would be perfect for my room. My Grandmother also brought me a perfect lampshade for the bulb which basically, frames the filament bulb which is exactly what I wanted out of the bulb, I didn’t want it just to be practical, I wanted it to be a feature. My entire room sort of follows that theme really, everything in my room has a practical use but, they also just look really nice.

I found a pin I loved which, came from the Hygge range that exploded last year, (I of course loving all things cosy was totally in love with Hygge) and that pin gave me a colour scheme. What was quite big in Hygge were greys and whites so, that was what I decided my walls were going to be. After much debate, we concluded that every wall was to be grey apart from the wall of my bay window, which was to be white (this was to make the bay window more of a feature, to compliment the natural light and to also allow me to have grey curtains.


With the colour scheme fixed now, I started to expand on that; I decided on black picture frames, I didn’t really have a reason, they just suited my colour scheme and my stage door sign.


I then went to one of my favourite shops ever, Mrs B’s to get handles for each of my pieces of furniture. Everything came together perfectly and I love my bedroom.

If you want to decorate your bedroom after this perfect, my top tips are: Keep a budget, use Pinterest, plan plan plan and finally, make something you would enjoy and feel comfortable in. Happy blogging dudes and dudettes!






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