Anxiety: Updated

Hey guys! Last year I posted about anxiety and how it affects me. I recently read the blog post and realised just how much my anxiety has changed in a year so, I decided to post an update on my anxiety. Another reason I decided to update my anxiety is because, my Sister and Dad are going away on holiday to see my Nana tomorrow and my Mum and I couldn’t go because, of my anxiety which is extremely annoying since, I love where my Nana lives and I love my Nana; to make me feel a whole lot worse, my Nana is going through some very difficult times at the moment and since she lives so far away, it is really difficult to be there for her.

Anyhoot, since school has finished, my anxiety has actually been really good, I still suffer quite badly from my insomnia but, other than that, I am far more happier in myself. I have been having counselling sessions recently and in my last session so far we have discovered I do, just suffer from anxiety and we have found ways I can cope better with it, my counsellor is also convinced I have suffered from some kind of trauma which, my parents and I are unsure about and also, in my last session my counsellor and I concluded I needed to go back to the Doctors.

Now, I am more or less your typical hypochondriac, I visit the doctor about every little thing wrong with me however, in my last counselling session my counsellor and I found that some of what I see normal isn’t normal and in fact my counsellor had just assumed I had already been diagnosed. If it is this, certain, problem then it is a huge breakthrough in my battle with mental health and could be the main contributor to quite a lot of my mental health issues.

The problem we discovered is that, I may have a disorder like, ADHD or ASD. This was at first a huge shock but, having spoken about it with my counsellor unintentionally at some point in all my sessions and for the entirety of that session, it made a lot of sense. Many of my problems which we found were the root cause to some of my anxiety were in fact many of the symptoms of those disorders. As a counsellor, she is not qualified to give a professional opinion but, with her experience she was shocked when she realised I hadn’t been diagnosed and was more shocked when I told her the doctors had turned me away when I looked for that sort of help before, just because of my age and the fact I have anxiety. She said that, I needed to go back to the doctors to push for some sort of diagnosis and professional help. Since I hadn’t had professional help for my entire life, it was clear it had effected my education and my mental health since, as well as my anxiety, I had also picked up certain habits which were not normal but, were what I needed to deal automatically with my problems and thus, have put me in a complicated position as get older and become more independent.

I shall stop there as even for me, that seems like enough. My advice to anyone who suffers from any sort of mental illness is to seek help as soon as possible because, the more it builds up, the harder it is to cope with. Anxiety and depression are the two main issues in life and at some point everyone experiences them but, for those who have to deal with the problem every day, it can be really tough. For children and youths, Childline is a great source for help: the good Samaritans, Mind and CAMHS are each great for sufferers too. I hope you were able to find some comfort or advice in this post. It is always good to be reminded now and again that, you aren’t alone. Happy blogging dudes and dudettes and don’t forget to follow all my social media!


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