August Playlist!

Hey guys! Summer holidays are at their peak in August so, with all that free time, beach time and rainy days, I have decided it would be a good idea to write an August Playlist to keep you all going! I have a wide taste in music so, be prepared for some very, different songs.

  • Declan McKenna: Mind
  • We Rabbitz & Adam Christopher: You’re Not Alone
  • Ed Sheeran: Shape Of You
  • Coldplay & Seeb: Hymn For The Weekend – Seeb Remix
  • Pegato & JordinLaine: Chasing Dreams
  • Ages and Ages: Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)
  • Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World
  • Jaymes Young: Moondust (Stripped)


That would be my August playlist. If you want more music and playlists which I will be creating, do follow me on Spotify. It is a bit messy at the moment but, I am hoping to spend the next few days tidying up my Spotify account to create more suitable playlists. Happy blogging dudes and dudettes and don’t forget to follow me on all my social media!


August Playlist:


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