Top Picks This Month!

Hey guys! You know where you just have one of those months which has been pretty relaxing but, you haven’t found any time to do anything? This month was one of those. My blog posts have been so sporadic it is good to have something solid, which is my Monthly Favourites post. I know I love reading other peoples monthly favourites because, in almost every monthly favourite there is something  I can relate to or, something I am interested to try out; I hope that’s the same for you with my monthly favourites.

Top of the list today has got to be Kaspas. in my last post I wrote about my family had an afternoon out in town and we had dinner then, went to Kaspas. Kaspas was amazing, for any sweet tooth like me you have got to go, it is heaven. That is why it is at the top of my list!

Secondly, I have really loved using Tea Tree Oil this month. My prescribed acne cream ran out at the beginning of the month and I haven’t had the time to get some more, my skin isn’t that bad but, for the odd red spot I dabbed some Tea Tree Oil on it before bed and overnight it had calmed down so much and in two days it was gone. It was great, I really recommend it. On the note of acne, for any acne sufferers, I would stress going to see your GP, the cream I got has really helped my skin and in turn my self confidence.

Netflix! I love Netflix, I binge programmes by the dozen especially now that I have finished school. It is the greatest and has a wide variety of programmes and films to choose from. I think I might do a list of my top favourite tv shows on Netflix because, there are so many. The ones I would recommend right now would be The Good Witch, Teen Wolf and Designated Survivor. Netflix is available 24/7 and can accommodate to any mood.

Next up, I have really loved using Spotify this month. I rarely listen to music now unless I have a long car journey but, this month I have just been on and off Spotify constantly. It is a great place to listen to all your favourites for free (unless you get premium). I would really recommend listening to Declan McKenna, his music is very down to earth and normal. I have also been craving Eliza Doolittle recently so, she is a Spotify must.

Finally, a youtuber called ‘Jackson Krecioch‘. I have been watching him everyday now for the past week so he had to be listed in my top picks this month. He is so funny and  puts up some very entertaining videos. Jackson is currently dating ‘Dylan Geick‘ and they are just goals. I hope you found something you liked and might try *cough* Kaspas *cough*; best wishes for a great August, and happy blogging dudes and dudettes!



Mother Nature Goodies Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil

Jacksons YouTube:



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