A Day Out To Town

Hey guys! I had a very interesting day yesterday. Basically, my parents had a weird moment and decided to take my sister and I out to lunch and desert and a shopping browse/trip thing (even though we didn’t buy anything).

My parents went out with my sister before hand to do some shopping then, they called me and told me to get ready to go out. Being me, I panicked mainly because, last week they said that, they dropped me off at an audition for Oliver… The fear that that would happen again was just… AHHHHHH (not because I don’t like acting, I just hate things being sprung on me and me having no time to prepare) and what didn’t help was basically, the entire way to the centre they were telling me I was going to an audition and asking me loads of related questions. I knew they weren’t taking me to an audition because, they told me I didn’t need a water bottle (my anxiety means I need water everywhere I go otherwise I go full panic mode) so, I knew we were going somewhere which had water and refreshments, obviously a restaurant.

We got there and my sister and mum were still persistent in persuading me I was going to an audition and began walking to the theatre stage door so, I walked off (I wouldn’t have walked off unless I knew they were lying). Eventually, they gave up and asked me where I wanted to eat. My first thought was ‘Is it my birthday?’ nope… And secondly ‘How can we even afford to eat out after they complain about money problems every day’. Eventually we found somewhere, The Harvester, so great. I remembered going there with some friends thus knew I liked it. Of course being me I had forgotten what meal I had chosen when I was with my friends last and ironically chose the same meal (this was good and bad at the same time, good as I knew I liked it, bad because, it wasn’t new for me). The meal was so filling, and delicious might I add, that we decided to skip pudding. Just as a side note, I would really recommend the Harvester it has a huge selection of foods however, the sugary foods caught my eye and although I didn’t have any they looked like ‘de bomb!

After we finished our meal and had discussed everything from: our regnant waitress, to one of the school teachers across the room and finishing off with what we were going to do with the dogs if we ever went abroad, we decided to go to the shops. Having a family that’s strict about money and budget meant, we never actually bought anything, bar the coat my mum bought, but, it was still fun. After our mini shopping trip we were about to go home when we caught a glimpse of ‘KASPAS‘.

My families achilles heel is deserts and sugar so, of course we ended up going to Kaspas. It was each our first time and it was amazing. The smell as you walked in was actually daunting, it was so strong and sweet and it took a while for me to get used to it but, I did and after that the whole experience was brilliant. I had the hot fudge brownie sundae same as my dad and my mum had the caramel sundae and my sister had a waffle. They all looked amazing and tasted even better. To anyone who hasn’t been to Kaspas yet… GO and to anyone who have already been… let’s just say I am so, very much, absolutely, definitely going again.

Yesterday was great fun and it really did make me realise that, even if it is once a month, everybody needs a family day. Treasure the moments guys! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, do follow me on all my socials and happy blogging dudes and dudettes!



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