Summer Bucket List

Hey guys! Summer in England can be trying… You can’t plan because, the weather forecasts aren’t as accurate as the ones in Dubai or Croatia. Beach days are usually accompanied by raincoats and plans B, C and D in case the weather doesn’t hold up. With all this, the British Summer time can be more difficult to enjoy and make the most of as, many of us normally settle for a bit of spontaneity, this is why I decided to create my own Summer Bucket List, one I can plan for or just, turn to whenever I need some of that spontaneity.

First on my bucket list, a barbecue. A barbecue is more a spontaneous activity because of England’s weather but, it is quick and easy to organise a day before or even that day with the family or some friends you can pop to the shop, buy the barbecue necessities and light up the dusty furnace. Even if it rains later that day, you can abort mission and retire to your best friend, the oven. A barbecue inside or outside, is a great way to catch up with friends and to make the most of the warmish weather.

Secondly, I would really like to visit London. I know this is costly and is definitely a day trip with an early night before and after but, it just has so much to do. For example, sightseeing and Madame Tussauds (something I haven’t done yet). It also has many great things every day to celebrate and embrace each and every season. If you are lucky and book in advance you can go inside Buckingham Palace. I would also really recommend The Tower Of London. If you have already gone to London this year and do not wish to experience it again for another year or so then, another place I would really recommend, which is rich in British culture is, Windsor. Windsor is home to Windsor castle and many antique shops which I love. There are so many events happening around the castle, it is easy to find something you’d enjoy on a day that is right for you.

Next up, go to the beach. For goodness sake, even Britain has some good days or alright days at least once a week so, get yourself away from the same facades you see on you way to work. Go by yourself, with friends, or family but, you must go to the beach. The long days make it perfect as you can spend forever admiring the seaside locations. There are so many beaches to visit (for goodness sake we are an island… ) but, some of the ones that are most memorable to me are, Eastbourne and Dartmouth. I was really lucky when I went away with family and friends to Wales too, it didn’t really rain at all and we had temperatures up to 30 or so degrees. It was gorgeous, we were really able to admire Wales in all it’s glory. I would seriously recommend it, there is so much to do and the landscapes are so pretty, great for photography.

Another thing I would really like to do, is ride in a Hot Air Balloon, I don’t know why. I know this one may not be for everyone as many people don’t like heights, in fact I do not like the sound of flying much but, I just have this urge to travel in a hot air balloon, it just seems so picturesque.

I shall add another spontaneous one here as, I seem to be filling your minds with out of reach dreams pretty much all of them, I say I want to do and am going to do but, end up just putting it off so much, I never do it… Anyway, photography. Just on a quiet weekend, grab a camera and go out and take some damn photographs. I love photography seeing the world through a lens gives it a whole new perspective and to be able to capture events and moments and preserve them just seems beautiful. Mankind have always searched for ways to prolong life but, they never stop to look at how perfect life is now and how they can preserve those perfect moments and that is done through photographs. Life is just moments, instances, photographs all lined up perfectly beside each other just waiting for someone to capture it.

Finally, have an indoor day, Summer is so outdoors surrounded and people are always pushed to make the most of the weather when, they forget how relaxing life really can be. Take a day, curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and watch a good movie. Shut out the rest of the world and take a break. You can come back to the world after a good Disney movie.

I hope at least some of you found this useful. Happy blogging dudes and dudettes. And remember, rather than existing, try living.


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