My First Time at an LGBT+ Youth Group

Hey guys! The title gives it away, on Wednesday I went to my first LGBT+ Youth Group. Now, I am not the most sociable person in the world, especially not with people my age but, actually it wasn’t so bad.

It was supposed to start at half six but, of course being me I got there at seven. I was sat in the car for a little while before thinking, should Ithis isn’t for me and let’s just go home. Despite the doubts in my head, I persevered and went with YOLO. Everyone there was very different, it was clear they each had very different personalities however, they all seemed to get along really well and all seemed really comfortable which, rubbed off on me. I was warmly welcomed and felt very happy.

The longer I was there, the more comfortable I felt, I didn’t talk as much as I would have liked to yet, I am definitely going back. I would certainly recommend a youngster in the LGBT+ community to find a youth group near them, you meet many different people with warm and open personalities and the best thing is, it is probably the last place you will be judged. If anyone is interested in the one I went to or, need help finding a youth group please contact me. You can also contact me for general questions or worries as, I would be happy to help. This was a short post I know but, happy blogging dudes and dudettes and everyone in-between. Be yourself and no one else that’s all that matters.


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