Films I Am Looking Forward To

Hey guys, I don't know about you, but I am a sucker to my movies. I love watching film and tv and there are so many great films coming out soon which I am looking forward to watching and I thought I would share some I am most looking forward to, to give you an... Continue Reading →


The Results Are In!

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tuesday 26th June, results day for us level three performing arts lot and I am immensely proud of everybody! So many people got distinctions and merits and all the year twos got the grades needed to get them into their choices for University's and Drama Schools. My final grade was a... drum roll... Continue Reading →

Things I Love About Autumn!

Hey guys! My two most favourite seasons are Autumn and Winter; the days get shorter, the temperatures get colder and everything just gets more cosy. Autumn is definitely the season on colour and comfort. The fist thing I love about Autumn is the clothes; the time of shorts and t-shirts are over, out come the... Continue Reading →

My First Week At College!

Hi guys, this week was my first week at college and it was amazing. I couldn't write this yesterday, for I couldn't find the words to describe what my week was like and just how amazing it was. I have been looking forward to coming to college since I left my Secondary School after GCSEs... Continue Reading →

August Favourites!

Hey guys, sorry this one is a little late. This month I have had the majority of my summer holidays to devour a lot of stuff. Chocolate upon chocolate upon face wash and cream upon face wash and cream. To start off, I have recently been using Aloe Vera gel as my every day face... Continue Reading →

LGBT+ Prom

Hey guys, being gay can be difficult sometimes and a lot of the time the you can't truly be yourself because, there are always people around you who will dislike or disagree with who you are. After having issues with who I am and coming to terms with my sexuality in a more open and... Continue Reading →

Summer’s Nearly Out!

Hey guys, summer is nearly over for most people. Everyone will be moving up to the next year, up the pecking order. Some people will be moving schools; I for one will be joining the latte, I am moving up to college. I don't really know what to think about it all, I still don't... Continue Reading →

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